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The Paleo Diet: How The Paleolithic Diet Revolution Started


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We are not wired to consume junk food!!

Walter L. Voegtlin, a gastroenterologist, is the person credited with inventing a modern approach to the Paleo Diet. His discoveries, of which a publication on the subject was released in 1975, came when he was researching the eating habits of Paleolithic man and how those habits affected Colitis, irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) and Crohn’s disease. He found that the diet followed by early man had a positive effect on those three medical conditions.

Research led Voegtlin to conclude that the genetic makeup of humans had not altered greatly from the genetic makeup of those early hunter-gatherers of the Paleolithic era. His version of the Paleolithic diet centered around the meat eating history of those early societies and that for them to survive on what was available at that time they had to be genetically wired to eat high fat proteins, fruit and vegetables, with little or no carbohydrates being consumed.

Paleo Diet Paper

Paleo Diet Findings Published In The New England Journal Of Medicine

The early theories on Paleo Foods and the research done by Voegtlin was enough to inspire others to take up the mantle, to see if this was indeed something that could benefit modern man. Ten years after the first publication of Voegtlin’s findings an anthropologist, Professor Melvin Konner, along with his assistant S. Boyd Eaton, undertook further investigation and scientific testing which culminated in paper being published in the  highly respected medical publication, the New England Journal of Medicine. The paper encouraged more individuals within the clinical profession to take a deeper look in to the Paleolithic Diet and more importantly the benefits it could have on the well being of modern man and woman.

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They now started to talk of what to eat instead of what not to eat. They concentrated on the proportions of fats, carbs and protein the original Paleo diet would consist of during the Paleolithic era and worked towards the modern Paleo Diet having the exact same proportions. They moved away from the strict rules of Voegtlin’s diet and included foods Walter L. Voegtlin would never have consented to, things like dairy and skimmed milk which would certainly not be around at the time of Paleolithic man.

Paleo Diet Foods

You make the choice..strict Paleo or a more relaxed approach

As much as commentators think the Paleo Diet is just the latest fad diet, momentum for the principles of a Paleo diet started to grow as early as the nineties. This was mainly due to the large number of highly respected medical professionals and nutritionists who threw their weight behind the principle by recommending it as a viable healthy eating diet.

Even though the benefits seemed obvious to many medical professionals the debate surrounding Paleo Food has only intensified. As the principle of eating only foods consumed before the agricultural revolution has gained in popularity so has the flame-fest and, to a certain point, the Paleo Diet regime snobbery.

The Paleo Diet Book

The Book That Changed The Game

More recently when Dr. Loren Cordain released his book entitled “The Paleo Diet” the popularity of it really turned the principle of a primal diet mainstream. More and more publications, especially those surrounding Paleo diet recipes, have made it to the bookshops,  couple this with the increase in websites explaining the principles of a Paleo Lifestyle and popularity of this way of life has only continued to increase. It seems, unlike the forecasts of those early skeptics, that the Paleo diet is not just another diet fad and at the time of writing it does look to be around for a very long time to come.

We don’t think it is our place to tell followers of the Paleo Diet what foods to eat and what not to eat, rather it is better we put forward the benefits of each regime be that  Voegtlin’s stricter variation or the later, more relaxed approach and let you decide what to eat on the Paleo Diet. Ultimately it is you and only you that decides what paleo foods make up your own Paleo Diet Plan


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  1. Great tips especially to those new to the paleo lifestyle.
    Simple but very precise information. Many thanks for sharing this with us.

    The sugar and cosmetics posts are must read articles!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the cosmetics post it’s an area I have taken to in recent months and the supplier, though in the US, is very good indeed. I will review a few of the item I have used soon

  2. Tɦanks for sharing your thoughts ɑbout paleo ѕmoothie recipes. I can not get through the day without having one first thing, perfect paleo breakfast.


    1. I too tend to turn to smoothies in the morning. A quick easy and very tasty way to start the day and soooo healthy too!!

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